Sunday, November 11, 2012


What would you do arrived at your cherished BYU game expecting no snow...we didn't have any in American Fork...but instead you found your seat occupied by a foot of snow?  That's what happened when sweet little Emily had her chance to attend the BYU football game last night with her Daddy. 
Emily smiled big and enjoyed every minute. Dad bought her hot chocolate and popcorn. She got to sit on his lap during the game so her backside stayed dry. She had lots of touch downs to cheer for during the game and they left at half time. Maybe not the most die hard of fans...but they had a great time. Emily came home so happy. It's all about being with Dad.
Nate said Emily couldn't wait for the popcorn with the sugar on it. She asked for it right as soon as they got in the car. Then kept asking for it until she got it. And, since it is their special time he has to comply. Plus, he felt pretty bad that their game was so cold. She got stuck with the coldest game last year too. Emily really didn't seem to mind though. Next year maybe I will get to go to one. :)


7packofbearss said...

We had over 2 feet of snow up here. Crazy weather. She looked pretty happy to be there despite the cold!

John said...
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