Monday, February 18, 2013

On to February

One more month of true cold winter.  I can't believe how warm it felt when we hit 40 this week.  My kids thought that spring had arrived.  :)  I can't wait for spring...just a little longer.  And, 6 weeks until our bundle of joy arrives.  We have decided on a name.  Since it is a sure thing, I won't  mention it to most people until the baby arrives.  I don't want to hear any horror stories about someone else they know with the name.  :) HAHA.  We are all getting very excited for his arrival though.  Especially me.  I won't make the list of things that hurt on my body right now....I will just leave it at I am uncomfortable.  This is my last baby and I am excited to take my body back for life after this.  :)

I had to snap this shot so the kids remember the abuse their Dad has put up with in the name of their happiness and entertainment.  I am surprised Nate could endure all 4 kids for a horsey ride...but Sarah loved it.  And, the older kids love teasing their Dad.
The other day Nate came home to this cutie covered in mom's smelly lotion.  Oh, she smelled good.  However, she left a large mess all over herself and the bathroom. See the large puddle of lotion in front of the vanity.  :)  That's what I get for leaving her alone for more than 5 minutes.  She also colors on the walls.  I try to stop it. I have tried to teach her about coloring on paper...but cleaning her wall art has become a weekly chore on our job chart for now.  Man, she is a handful.  I think I had forgotten. 

But, when she looks at us with her big blue eyes and huge smile....well,we are all in under her control. We just clean up her messes and wait for the next one to come along. Valentines Day came and went. My kids made sure to remind me that I like to buy them a little Valentine. Really, I do. Nate hates Valentines Day. He hates being pressured into buying things. And, he complains about how it is so commercialized. He complained about it several times as Valentines Day got closer. He loves me... it's not that he doesn't want to do something nice for me. He just doesn't want to be told to do it by a Holiday. HAHA. Anyway, I bought the kids a little present at Seagull book. Nothing expensive, but
the kids really liked it. :)
  Well, I guess that I better end my post. Ben is waiting for the computer...not very patiently. I am torturing him. It is President's Day and he loves to wake up early on his days off and get in a little play time. I think I have said enough for now anyway.


Jet said...

Holy cow! Only 6 weeks?? (I guess, 5 now...)--time flies for the rest of us who aren't actually going through it. You're an amazing mama, and this baby is so lucky to come to your family. Can't wait to hear what his name is!

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