Sunday, May 12, 2013

King David

 Can you believe it.  5 weeks old and 4 lbs. later David is King!  You can see that he is just about smiling.  There is a smile in his eyes and sometimes we get a half smile when just one edge of his mouth turns up.  He is sleeping better... and giving me enough time with my eyes closed that I am able to maintain my sanity.  I think I have passed the major "baby blues" portion of my recovery.  I almost feel normal again. 
 David likes to take in his surroundings now.  He will sit and entertain himself with whatever is nearby and give me time to do a load of dishes...or type in some notes on the computer...or make a phone call.  It's fun to try and figure out what he is starting at and why.  We started going to my mom's house a couple of times a week so she could babysit some of the time I have to teach.  This has been such a blessing.  He is a good boy...but not very predictable and seems to know when it is most inconvenient for me to take care of him.
He loves to be outside.   Here we are at the park.  He is enjoying a nice snooze as we wander.  Yesterday we went to the park again.  He was just bright eyed and content to watch all the commotion.  I can't believe how quickly he has grown.  I have got to keep taking pictures.  Another month and he is going to be huge. HAHA. 

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Jet said...

Looks like he has beautiful big eyes like his mama!!! So cute!!!!!