Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm a mother.  It's is blatantly obvious these days when you look at me...even without the kids around.  The dark circles and grey hairs tell a story of a tortured existence. :) I'm a mother...which is even more obvious when you see this.

Mother's day...despite the sickness that was present in our house, turned out to be a lovely day.  I guess it was enough to just see happy kids and a happy husband as we enjoyed our own backyard. 

I love it when we look like a sweet little happy family.  Everyday is a challenge.  Whether it's kids fighting, sickness, or just plain worrying about one kid or another.  With all of that comes great blessings.  I know it.  So, whatever is ahead, I am glad I am a mother. 

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Kate said...

I am the worst friend ever. How have I not seen that baby yet?!?? I want to squish his cheeks. Let's get together for a play date! Bring your posse over here and we can let the kids play in the pool (OK, it's a kiddie pool but it's pretty big) while we catch up. I want to know all about life with five kids. :)