Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jordanelle 2013

 Here is how David spent his time.....or asleep....or in Grandma's motor home.
 Here's how the kids spent their time...along with a bunch of other things.
Here's how I wish I could have spent all my time.  Most of it was spent babysitting babies.  :)
In the end, every year is wonderful at Jordanelle with my awesome family.  I rented a cabin this year to sleep in. I know, what a whimp...but I had to take care of the baby...so I will be whimpy. It was funny. I listened to the kids in the cabin next door ooh and ahh at the outdoor movie night we had. Back to the Future in the great out doors. Such fun. Not to mention great food, paddle boarding, swimming, relaxing, and the kids doing all their scooter/bike/crazy stuff. Loved it all. Wish I had taken more pictures. Thanks Mom, Dad, Sandi, Scott, Nikki, Sid, Conner, Rick and Eryn. I am so glad to have such fun and fabulous family.

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melissa and lance said...

Sounds fun!! Sad we missed it.