Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Tingle House and Halloween

     I didn't know what to call this post.  It is a mess of things.  Where to start.  I guess I will start where we left off...the house.  We are here.  We closed on the 16th of October.  Many small miracles led us here and all I can say is that I feel deeply grateful to be here.

     A short story to document the finding of our home.  The week before we went house hunting for the first and only time, Nate gave everyone a blessing for the beginning of the school year.  I also received a blessing that day, in which Nathan said that I would know the right house when I saw it.

     Now, to our day of house hunting.    Sandi had a nice list of houses for us to look at that day.  The house we bought was on the list as a frivolous addition.  We just had to walk inside and see it.  It was out of our price range and I couldn't see how it could possibly be the one.  After all, we were trying to remain frugal in this hunt.  But, the house had everything we wanted in a it qualified as a home we could stay in permanently.  None of the other houses had that.  Anyway, despite that, I really didn't think it was the house.

   Ok...we start looking.  We looked at about 5 houses prior to this one.  I didn't have a bad or good feeling about any of them.  I thought I could live in any of them.  However, in my heart, I expected more.  Heavenly Father said I would know the house when I saw it.  That's what I was expecting.  To know the right house when I saw it.

     So, we drove up to "the house".  I was thinking, why are we here?  There is no way this is the house.  The neighborhood is too nice.  The house is too big.  The house is too expensive.  This is not the house.  We walked inside and I was  just standing by the back door.  We might have been in there for a total of three minutes before I knew this was the house.  Literally, I suddenly had tingles wash over me from the top of my head down to my toes.  I looked and Nate and said "Oh no."  That's how I felt.  Of all the houses, how could this be the house.  The one house that I would never have dreamed of making an offer on.  The house that seemed out of the realm of our possibility.  The one house that it would take true blind faith to go after.

   Small miracles led up to us actually making it to closing on the house.  I won't go into all of those.  We are here now.  It is a wonderful place to be.  I look at my neighbors and think, I will probably still know you and live by you 20 years from now.  We are excited to be here and be here forever..ish. :)

   So that is the story of the "tingle" house.  Here are some pics. There was no editing done to prevent the view of any messes. ;) 
The Office.  I love this room.



Kitchen dining area

Main Floor Family Room

Sarah's room

David's Room

Play Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Master Closet

Ben's room

Down stairs Family Room

Down Stairs Kitchen

Girl's Room

My sewing room/exercise room/whatever room

   We love the house and I feel a little spoiled.  Especially since I have a big left over room to just have as an extra.  Life is good here and we are so happy.  Halloween was superb.  I have never had so many kids trick or treat at my house.  It was super fun.  Ben, Rachel and Emily brought home a huge load of lute without too much walking so they loved that.  Sarah was nothing short of adorable as she trick or treated.  Nate said she was too scared to say "trick or treat" but when people put candy in her bucket she looked at him beaming and said "They gave me candy!"

     Done.  Whew! 

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